Dunks For Drew

Total raised from this effort was $20,045, massive thank you to everyone who contributed to and supported this effort.


This past June we lost a friend and a legend in Andrew Grabowski.  A staple in upstate New York skateboarding for the past several decades, Andrew’s passion and dedication to his craft were immediately apparent to anyone who shared a few words with him, or got to see him skate.

We’ve partnered up with Skate4Drew, a non profit started by his father Jeff Grabowski in order to help promote his mission, and to carry on Drew’s legacy.

NET PROCEEDS from this Copdate fundraiser will all be donated directly to the Skate4Drew foundation to further construction at Drew’s hometown DIY Ormond Spencer Park in Syracuse NY, and to help facilitate future events for the foundation.

Release information has been posted on instagram.com/homegrownskate, click through to register.                                                                                                                         

Head over to skate4drew.com/ to learn more about their work or to donate directly.

Thank you